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This Week’s “Uggliest Guy”: Keron Lewis


Meet Keron Lewis, a model/track athelte straight from the shores of Trinidad & Tobago. If you take a second to rip your eyes away from the six pack, you might recognize the face from a string of promotional advertisements recently run by Mackeson stoute promoting what “A Man Who Knows The Importance of Being Smooth” Drinks. You may also recognize him from attending numerous carnival band launches where the adonis would be featured on stage modeling the costumes. For the uninitiated though, you can catch him right here as “This Week’s Uggliest Guy!!!!” …… click ahead to see more


“This Week’s Uggliest Guy”- Sean Perryman


Meet Sean Perryman. Born and bred on the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago Mr. Perryman is officially The U.G.G.L.Y’s 1st entry into our brand new category, demanded by our fans, “Uggliest Guy of the Week”. As far as I can tell, based on Sean’s images he is very fond of the beach also he may suffer from a phobia of buttons. I came to this conclusion due to the fact that every single photo submitted of Mr. Perryman came minus a shirt. Girls, I know this more than likely will not be an issue for you but for all the guys who aren’t really into looking at shirtless guys, fear not because when Mr. Perryman isn’t pumping iron he’s selling insurance. So guys, hit him up if you feel you can get some better rates. The U.G.G.L.Y

Photography: AbsolutPics Photography